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“Kim Weaver is an EXCELLENT medium. She brings forth evidential and healing information from loved ones in Spirit. She is also a wonderful teacher of cards and Psychic."

Carrie Wilson/Oxford, Alabama

“Kim was recommended by a friend. So when she was at an expo in Des Moines I signed up to have a reading.I didn't know what to expect because at the time this was new to me. READ MORE

Cindy O'Hearn/Iowa 

“I have known Kim Weaver for a quite a few years. So when I found out that she was a medium, I was overjoyed and scared at the same time. READ MORE

-Brenda Trunkhill

"I just wanted to thank you again for the great reading I received from you in Fargo this past April. I still think about it and how spot on it was. READ MORE


"Your reading really was SO helpful and powerful, and honestly, it takes a lot for me to experience 'SHOCK' and speechlessness. READ MORE


“Kim is the real deal. Very compassionate and spot on. I highly recommend Kim! I enjoy her knowledgeable and uplifting posts too.."

Sheri Axtman-Hansen/California 

“I really wanted to hear from two spirits but didn’t say who. She didn’t ask any questions..just got right into it and both spirits came through to me. READ MORE

Sandra Brekke

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kim at an expo in Ames. I did a short reading and also got a full numerology report from her. READ MORE

Tricia Haack

"I am really grateful for your gift of the channeled message that you gave to me. On Dec. 6th, while at a Holistic Expo, I met Kim Weaver. READ MORE


"I am completely blown away by Kim’s talent! I had a mediumship reading and accuracy and ability to clearly share with me was better than... READ MORE



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"I’ve seen Kim for a reading 2 times. In hearing of her book release I was excited to validate & learn more about the afterlife. Death Is Not Goodbye was such an easy step by step... READ MORE

- JP (Amazon Review)

"I love this book! If you have lost a loved one and want to learn how to connect with loved ones in spirit, you have found the right book. In this book, the author gives a step-by-step process... READ MORE

- Shari B. (Amazon Review)

"A quick, accessible read on a potentially taboo subject. The author writes in an encouraging, yet matter-of-fact manner, with a sense of humor.  The book is the ‘how-to’ of reconnecting... READ MORE

- Lisa H (Amazon Review)

"If you’re looking for a book to help you connect with your loved one This is the book. I enjoyed it so much I have recommended it to others. I also would recommend having a reading if... READ MORE

- Michelle

"Kim lives up to her name and weaves together a masterpiece to help introduce the readers to the process of communicating with their loved ones in The World to Come. Highly recommended!"

- MZ

"I have met and received two readings from Kim. On both occasions her insight was exactly what I needed to move thru my current situation.When I got notice just yesterday about... READ MORE

KissMyWings (Amazon Review)

"I purchased this book to maybe answer some questions that I’ve had and it did just that and more! I don’t normally write reviews but for this book, I really felt the need too... READ MORE

- Krista (Amazon Review)

"This text was INCREDIBLE. Throughout every reading I have been so fortunate to have with Kim, she provided me with clarity, guidance, understanding and put love back into my heart... READ MORE

- Casee R (Amazon Review)

"I’m not much of a writer, but Kim is truly gifted, and I believe that if she can save and change my life that I should not keep her a secret. I bought her book technically for my mother after... READ MORE

- Finplanner69


Please click on your book for purchase.

''In our last reading my mom communicated that there was a 'ledger' She wanted us to find. I assumed it was her missing address book but a week ago my dad found a ledger ,right where Kim said to look. Here is the cool part. A few pages in.....a letter she had written to me my siblings''

Samantha (Amazon Review) 

''Kim has given me so much specific, non guessable evidence without any information from me about whom she was speaking on the other side. I have met with kim four times now since my mom in february of 2019. I am so grateful for her helping me be able to talk to my her through both kim and learing how to talk with her on my own. i read her book when it came out and appreciate the steps it offered to be able to connect with my mom. I highly recommend her.!''

Jen Baumgardner Ba
(Amazon Review)

"I've had two reading from kim and they were both so emotional. she knew no one else would know. She is the real deal and very compassionate. She is the only medium I go to. i can't wait to have another reading from her''.

Nickole Brown (Amazon Review)

"Kim Weaver has written a magical book for people who are beginning their spiritual journey or who are advanced! There are practical exercises for all types of intuitive people. I LOVE the Psychic and Dream Dictionary in the Appendix B! I began doing many of the exercises and keeping a dream journal and interpreting messages. These exercises have profoundly improved my ability to connect with the other side through meditation, crystals, having gratitude and opening all the clairs! I have shared with book with family and friends! It is a must read if you are on a spiritual journey!"



"Kim picked up on things that nobody else would know about my childhood, personal things about my marriage, and things from my mom who passed away 21 years ago. Messages that made me feel at peace and definitely gave me comfort. Thank you so much!" 

Heather Maria

"I had heard all the way to Kansas about Kim Weaver in Iowa and her great abilities to reach further into the unknown, not only for answers but to console anyone who was struggling with a loved one who had passed on. I finally met Kim, and tears to my eyes as she reviled things no one could ever know. I walked away with a smile and my heart content. Kim Weaver has an amazing gift!"

Trevina Leija

"I am completely blown away by Kim’s talent! I had a mediumship reading and accuracy and ability to clearly share with me was better than I’ve ever experienced! I think when people see mediums they maybe hope for one or two moments that validate for them that the person they’re working with is the “real deal”. During my reading Kim there was at least a dozen “You can’t make that stuff up” moments with such detail and personal affirmation. Anyone that experiences Kim’s talent would be very hard pressed to doubt the legitimacy. On top of all of that, it was immensely special and so touching to receive the information I did. A true heart healing experience. Thank you Kim!"

Laura Cargill Slinn

"At the end of April Kim came to a fair in Wisconsin. My mom decided to get a reading done. We don’t know anyone who has ever had a reading so we were open to the connection, if not a bit skeptical. During the reading one of the things Kim told my mom is that there would be a baby soon. I have a medical condition that could prevent me from conceiving. So I was hopeful but also (again) skeptical. About a month later my husband and I found out we are pregnant. According to the charts for conceiving we had conceived approximately 5 days following this reading. Kim has made me a believer in her abilities to communicate with the other side. There is no way she could have known how important that statement was to me. Thanks Kim for being an amazing first for our family!"

Ashley Shantz
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