What People are Saying

“Kim Weaver is an EXCELLENT medium. She brings forth evidential and healing information from loved ones in Spirit. She is also a wonderful teacher of cards and Psychic."

Carrie Wilson/Oxford, Alabama

“Kim is the real deal. Very compassionate and spot on. I highly recommend Kim! I enjoy her knowledgeable and uplifting posts too.."

-Sheri Axtman-Hansen/California 

“Kim was recommended by a friend. So when she was at an expo in Des Moines I signed up to have a reading.I didn't know what to expect because at the time this was new to me. So I asked about my grandchildren having night terrors. She asked if they lived near some big power plant, (yes) and she asked other things that there was no way she could have known. She gave me helpful ideas that I passed to my daughter. She also told me things about another grown son and messages for me and it was wonderful.  Another friend and I had Kim do a numerology personal life forecast. (Another new thing for me, but why not. It could be fun.)Oh my! Spot on and it helped me understand myself more.  So when I saw that she would be in Council Bluffs recently, of course I went to see her again. She told me some things that my guides wanted me to know. Mostly that I was doing something correctly that I had been questioning. And some more ways to help me in my business, to move forward.  My sister went for a session and received messages from our mom who had passed. She loved it and finally felt peace.  Kim is so friendly and nice. Down to earth and non-judgemental.She is there to help us and to relay messages to us. You can bet that when she is my area I will be going to see her. One of my friends and I are planning on going to Kim's business and getting a full session each. I do like the expos and the short sessions. But she is worth going for the full one. I think she even does them over the phone.So thanks Kim for doing what you do and sharing yourself with the rest of us. "

-Cindy O'Hearn/Iowa 

“I really wanted to hear from two spirits but didn’t say who. She didn’t ask any questions..just got right into it and both spirits came through to me. What she was saying was so right on and her ending message confirmed it about something on my Mom that she would have no way of knowing."

-Sandra Brekke

“I have known Kim Weaver for a quite a few years. So when I found out that she was a medium, I was overjoyed and scared at the same time. My husband was an amazing man and taught me what love really is. We were married for 2 years when we found out he had cancer. We battled together for the next 2 years. During his battle with cancer I went through extreme emotions and anxiety that I am still experiencing today. Tony lost his battle with cancer on November 19, 2017. I debated for 2 weeks about contacting Kim. I am so overjoyed that I did. She was able to give me a sense of peace. Even though I have always been a believer that our loved ones remain by our side, I still struggle. But with Kim’s help she proved to me that the love of my life is really here with me every moment. I strongly urge people that if you need help with your grief to reach out and contact Kim. A weight has truly been lifted off of me since I did. Granted I still cry quite a bit , it’s a better sense of crying for me. Thank you Kim and I will be in touch again!"

-Brenda Trunkhill

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kim at an expo in Ames. I did a short reading and also got a full numerology report from her. I'm a pretty big home body, so one of the days on my report said "you will meet someone new" I laughed it off, but my cousin invited us over. When we arrived we met a child she was newly fostering, so joke was on me for doubting it lol.  After my reading in Ames I decided to do a private reading and I am still in awe. I asked if she could try to get any messages from my grandfather, on the way I had asked him to point out what I called him so that I knew it was him. Although she couldn't understand him saying Bompa he did bring up multiple times that he didn't go by his birth name and that I called him something that wasn't like grandpa. She mentioned other personal experiences that I have not even let close family know about during the session also. At the end she told me that he was showing a birthday card, handing me keys, and saying congratulations. While she could have figured out when my birthday was, there was no way to know we had a offer in on a house. I left in awe and when I got home I had a message from the realtor that our offer on the house was accepted.  I am excited to have other sessions with you in the future and want to say thank you so much for the peace of mind and hope for the future you were able to relay to me. You are truly a kind and beautiful soul and I'm so thankful you were placed in my path."

-Tricia Haack

"I just wanted to thank you again for the great reading I received from you in Fargo this past April.  I still think about it and how spot on it was.  I was drawn to you, and in meeting you, it was nice to find that you were a kind and intelligent person. You were easy to trust and I could feel that you are the "Real Deal".  I hope our paths cross again."



"I am really grateful for your gift of the channeled message that you gave to me.  On Dec. 6th, while at a Holistic Expo, I met Kim Weaver.  She channeled a very important message to me.  It is hard to express the power of that gift.  It has shifted something inside of me and changed my life for the better.  First, a little bit of history.  A 13 year old pug dog named Tanner lives with us.  He is a very wise, ancient, and loving being.  We have much love and respect for him.  In October he had surgery to have an infected canine tooth removed.  It had left a hole which led to the sinus area, so the vet had to sew the hole shut.  Anyway, when I spoke with Kim at the expo, she channeled the message that Tanner was on the verge of something happening in his life.  She also mentioned the number 8, or that something would come clear on the 8th.  She mentioned that my doing energy healing with animals would find people waiting in line for this service.  I do energy healing with animals, so it made sense to me.  She mentioned that beings from the Golden Ray were helping me with the energy healing and they were working through my hands.  She said that calling upon them would strengthen my work.  This past Monday, Dec. 8, Tanner woke up sneezing, coughing, and having some trouble breathing.  We took him to the vet and learned that the hole to his sinus had opened and he would need surgery to close it up.  The vet suggested we do the surgery right away, as it was giving him some trouble breathing and sneezing.  The surgery was scheduled for the first thing the next day. That evening, Tanner was sneezing very much and was having trouble breathing.  He was quite agitated with all of it.  I remembered what Kim had said about the beings from the Golden Ray.  I always ask for help from the angels when I do energy work, so, I asked the angels from the Golden Ray to come and work through me to calm Tanner down for a good night's rest before his surgery.  When the next sneezing spell started, I put my hands on his back, I could feel the heat coming through to him and asked the angels from the Golden Ray to come.  Immediately, he settled down and went to sleep.  This happened 3 times during the night.  He would wake up sneezing and they would come and he would immediately settle down and go to sleep.  By morning, he was totally relaxed and there was no sneezing.  He had the surgery and he is doing very well.  He would like to add that a few extra treats would be in order. And, I totally agree.  What an amazing experience and how accurate Kim's message was to me.  I am totally grateful and it has opened up a whole new relationship with a new group of angels from the Golden Ray.  I am grateful. Again, thanks so much, Kim.  I will be contacting you this winter.  Peace, light, and much joy to you."



" Your reading really was SO helpful and powerful, and honestly, it takes a lot for me to experience 'SHOCK' and speechlessness. Even though I have done healing and intuitive work myself for 15+ years, I'm still skeptical on some level, don't get many readings, so know when I am absolutely moved, it's a big deal.  You are a true channel for divine information and I am most grateful.  I'm sure we'll connect again."

- Jennifer

"I am completely blown away by Kim’s talent! I had a mediumship reading and accuracy and ability to clearly share with me was better than I’ve ever experienced! I think when people see mediums they maybe hope for one or two moments that validate for them that the person they’re working with is the “real deal”. During my reading Kim there was at least a dozen “You can’t make that stuff up” moments with such detail and personal affirmation. Anyone that experiences Kim’s talent would be very hard pressed to doubt the legitimacy. On top of all of that, it was immensely special and so touching to receive the information I did. A true heart healing experience. Thank you Kim!"



Book Reviews

"I’ve seen Kim for a reading 2 times. In hearing of her book release I was excited to validate & learn more about the afterlife. Death Is Not Goodbye was such an easy step by step read & with Kim explaining her experiences in great detail it really makes it easy to implement. Being a healing practitioner and one that has lost at a very young age, this book provides so many insights on ways to connect with love and without fear. Our world contains much fear and she easily explains how we can live a life without it. Reading her book was like sitting down with a wonderful friend. Her words and stories enrich the soul and makes it possible to connect with oneself and others again. Thank you Kim!"

- JP (Amazon Review)

"I have met and received two readings from Kim. On both occasions her insight was exactly what I needed to move thru my current situation. When I got notice just yesterday about Kim's book I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle and jumped into the book. So many trinkets of valuable information that I will use in my life. I loved how she requires and asks for validation. Perfect! Thank you Kim, I can't wait to see you again one day."

- KissMyWings (Amazon Review)

"I love this book! If you have lost a loved one and want to learn how to connect with loved ones in spirit, you have found the right book. In this book, the author gives a step-by-step process on how to connect and communicate with our loved ones in spirit. She also talks about how our loved ones in spirit communicate with us. Woven throughout this book are stories about people she has helped to reconnect with their loved ones in spirit. The book is full of information that is interesting and easy to apply to your life. The author writes with lots of love and compassion, with a little humor mixed in. This book was a real page-turner that I could not put down. I highly recommend this book!"

- Shari B. (Amazon Review)

"I purchased this book to maybe answer some questions that I’ve had and it did just that and more! I don’t normally write reviews but for this book, I really felt the need too. If your searching for answers about what happens to your loved ones after they pass, then this is a must read! It answered so many questions for me and gave me comfort knowing this isn’t the end. It not only goes into detail about life after death but it also helps those like me, who need to establish a connection with someone they love who has passed! Definitely 5 stars! Thank you!!"

- Krista (Amazon Review)

"A quick, accessible read on a potentially taboo subject. The author writes in an encouraging, yet matter-of-fact manner, with a sense of humor.  The book is the ‘how-to’ of reconnecting with loved ones who are no longer with us. A must read for grieving family members looking for answers; Kim gives the reader the step-by-step process of how to recognize what the departed are saying to us.  This book may be just the right gift for friends and family members who are struggling to make sense of life after the profound loss of a loved one."

- Lisa H (Amazon Review)

"This text was INCREDIBLE.  Throughout every reading I have been so fortunate to have with Kim, she provided me with clarity, guidance, understanding and put love back into my heart.  I struggled with forgiveness for YEARS and because of this woman right here, I was able to grow.  This book outlines and answers many questions.  Please do yourself a favor and book a reading with Kim and purchase this book!  I promise you will not regret either.  Kim, if you are reading this - you have changed my entire life for the good.  Thank you for all the inspiration.  You will never know how much our conversations mean to me.

- Casee R (Amazon Review)