The following information gives you an overview of what to expect during a reading and what things you can do in  order to enhance your overall experience.  The following is an explanation of how I work during a reading.  It is important for you to understand what channeling is and how it can impact your reading.


Channeling is the reception of thought from the spirit world for the purpose of communicating with spirits of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, ascended masters, spirit teachers and angels.  The person who receives the information is a medium. Mediums communicate with the spirit world in a variety of ways. There are mediums who go into full trance, thus stepping aside and allowing the spirit to speak through them. Others enter a meditative state to connect.  Some mediums use telepathy, which is receiving thoughts in their minds and are capable of distinguishing which thoughts are theirs and which are spirits. Through the telepathy process a medium is also able to receive images and feelings.  There are mediums who hear voices others cannot hear. While there are a number of genuine channelers, it is up to you to use discernment when receiving a reading containing channeled messages.  If the messages promote a deeper understanding, forgiveness, joy and love it is from the higher realms.


Readings can vary according to the type of reading.  During a channeled reading you will receive honest information from a higher spirits point of view without involving an ego. These readings are always communicated carefully to respect your free will of choice.  If a prediction is made, it is made should all parties involved remain on their current course.  If you are looking to connect to a deceased loved one, wanting advice for your path, help with problems, or a deeper understanding of your dreams, a channeled reading from the higher realms may help. 




Keep an open mind    

     It is important for you to keep an mind.  There is no guarantee on who will come through during your reading.  There is a process during any mediumship reading which I consider very sacred and I honor the entire process.  Please remember the love continues even after death so it is possible and conceivable your next door neighbor's father will come through attempting to communicate with their loved ones.



     It's best to relax and focus your intention on whatever it is you wish to receive insight on.  Relaxing will help to release tension and stress.


Take Notes

     Many times during readings I have brought through information regarding an individual the sitter does not know.  They then realize days later it was a great aunt or a co-workers grandmother.  If the Spirit world is bringing forth information to you, at some point in the future it will make sense to you.




      I am clairaudient (I hear), I am clairsentient (I feel), I am clairvoyant (I see) and I am claircognizant (I know).


     I receive the information I am to pass on in any combination of the above.  If I see something or hear something I will give it to you exactly as it is given to me.  It is up to you to intrepret it.  All kinds of things will come up in a reading.  All I ask is that you listen carefully, keep an open mind and your experience will be positive.  











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