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Numerology is the esoteric relationship between numbers and people. It can also be the relationship of physical objects as well. It is the study of numbers that reflects a persons talents, motivations, personality, characteristics and path in life. 

Through Numerology one can determine key points in a persons life and the ideal time to make major changes and decisions. Having this information enables a person to see themselves on a much deeper level and equips them with the necessary information to weather life's many ups and downs. After all, knowledge is power. If you are ready to know yourself much deeper and more profoundly than even before, then this is the report for you. 

All numbers have a vibration. This  vibration is directly associated with the  letters  of the alphabet. By giving a number to a letter you begin to see what makes up each of us. And by adding in the date you were born you can see the path you intended to walk upon and what tools you brought with you in order to walk this path successfully. 


Each report is unique and tailored to you and you alone. Once purchased via PayPal please add your Full Birth Name, Date of Birth, and the name you currently use (the name do you use to introduce yourself to others) to the 'Add A Note' section upon checkout. That's it! Those three things is all that is needed in order to produce a report. 

You may also get a 2 Year Personal Forecast so you can see what is coming over the next 2 years in your life. 

Questioning a relationship? Then perhaps it is time to take a look at a Compatibility Report. 


  • Have a Few Questions, but Little Time?

    35 US dollars
  • Have a Few Questions, but Little Time?

    45 US dollars
  • Connect with Your Loved One via a Photo

    35 US dollars

For Email Photo Reading, After payment please email a photo of your deceased loved one to and receive a reading pertaining to them.


Please allow 2-3 days for a response. However, in most cases you will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

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