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Bridging this Life and the Next

Kim has always felt the presence of spirits from the time she was a young child. She always had a inner-knowing that life carried a much deeper meaning.


When Kim was thirteen she predicted her Grandmother's passing and then again at the age of 22 predicted her own Father's death hours before each event even occurred. These two traumatic events and her childhood chaos led her to a life of self-induced destruction until at the age of 26 she had a dream and in that dream her grandmother called her via telephone and told her if she didn't change her lifestyle she would be joining her. That one dream changed her entire life.

2017 - Cream Head Shot.jpg

After the dream, and a huge lifestyle change, Kim once again felt the presence of Spirits. She began receiving answers to questions that she posed and pondered regarding the meaning of life. In 2011 Kim began writing and recording various messages through automatic writings.  

Kim cannot stress enough how eager your loved ones are to validate that they are still around even though you cannot see them. As a Evidential Medium she believes her role is to bridge the two worlds together so that healing, joy and peace can be achieved in both worlds. Kim believes those in Spirit are in need of healing as well as those left behind. She cannot begin to express how excited your loved ones are to finally get to speak with you. Kim helps hem and you complete the call. This is only possible through the power of LOVE. There is no other energy stronger or more powerful than LOVE.  

Kim has dedicated her life as an Evidential Medium, Psychic and Public Speaker in order to share her wisdom and knowledge. She is passionate about each person finding their own inner light and recognizing the power they have in molding and creating their destiny, which led her to personal life coaching.  

Kim is honored to be blessed with the gifts she has been given in order to help both worlds. She wishes you peace, joy and happiness as you continue your journey.  

                                                     "Namaste - I Honor the Divine in You!"

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