Angels of the Golden Ray
I am really grateful for your gift of the channeled message that you gave to me.  On Dec. 6th, while at a Holistic Expo, I met Kim Weaver.  She channeled a very important message to me.  It is hard to express the power of that gift.  It has shifted something inside of me and changed my life for the better.  First, a little bit of history.  A 13 year old pug dog named Tanner lives with us.  He is a very wise, ancient, and loving being.  We have much love and respect for him.  In October he had surgery to have an infected canine tooth removed.  It had left a hole which led to the sinus area, so the vet had to sew the hole shut.  Anyway, when I spoke with Kim at the expo, she channeled the message that Tanner was on the verge of something happening in his life.  She also mentioned the number 8, or that something would come clear on the 8th.  She mentioned that my doing energy healing with animals would find people waiting in line for this service.  I do energy healing with animals, so it made sense to me.  She mentioned that beings from the Golden Ray were helping me with the energy healing and they were working through my hands.  She said that calling upon them would strengthen my work.  This past Monday, Dec. 8, Tanner woke up sneezing, coughing, and having some trouble breathing.  We took him to the vet and learned that the hole to his sinus had opened and he would need surgery to close it up.  The vet suggested we do the surgery right away, as it was giving him some trouble breathing and sneezing.  The surgery was scheduled for the first thing the next day. That evening, Tanner was sneezing very much and was having trouble breathing.  He was quite agitated with all of it.  I remembered what Kim had said about the beings from the Golden Ray.  I always ask for help from the angels when I do energy work, so, I asked the angels from the Golden Ray to come and work through me to calm Tanner down for a good night's rest before his surgery.  When the next sneezing spell started, I put my hands on his back, I could feel the heat coming through to him and asked the angels from the Golden Ray to come.  Immediately, he settled down and went to sleep.  This happened 3 times during the night.  He would wake up sneezing and they would come and he would immediately settle down and go to sleep.  By morning, he was totally relaxed and there was no sneezing.  He had the surgery and he is doing very well.  He would like to add that a few extra treats would be in order. And, I totally agree.  What an amazing experience and how accurate Kim's message was to me.  I am totally grateful and it has opened up a whole new realationship with a new group of angels from the Golden Ray.  I am grateful. Again, thanks so much, Kim.  I will be contacting you this winter.  Peace, light, and much joy to you.
You worked miracles!
Oh Kim, you worked miracles!  You have been the most direct channel to her to date; letting me challenge/ask for clarification while emotionally charged is so appreciated.  I know that is not easy for you.  Working with me answered a whole level of my dilemma regarding suicide, I felt like she took something from me by not making amends/settling or even talking to me before she died.  This starts the process of my finding it again.  I may not have to leave earth to restore myself. Thank you, merci, xie xie, tak arrigato.



THANK YOU FOR THE TALK YOU GAVE TODAY!!  I know that forgiveness is paramount to our quest.  I have forgiven all that haave done me wrong, but am still a bit ticked at the guy who shot me in the head.  Kinda hard to let go of that one.  So I'm still working on it.  Love and Peace.
Totally got goosebumps
I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading yesterday!  Everything you brought up was stuff I had wondered about in the last week.  And during the crystal and gemstone class I really connected with the story about your husband.  I totally got goosebumps on the tops of my legs - a place where I rarely get them.  And it was great to hear about your psychic path.  I now realize I can take a more balanced approach to my development instead of trying to push it. And I loved that you mentioned flow because that was really on my mind this week.  I can't wait to read your book! Anyway, just wanted to say it was great meeting you.
You are a true channel...​
Your reading really was SO helpful and powerful, and honestly, it takes a lot for me to experience 'SHOCK' and speechlessness. Even though I have done healing and intuitive work myself for 15+ years, I'm still skeptical on some level, don't get many readings, so know when I am absolutely moved, it's a big deal.  You are a true channel for divine information and I am most grateful.  I'm sure we'll connect again.  :)


"Real Deal"

​I just wanted to thank you again for the great reading I received from you in Fargo this past April.  I still think about it and how spot on it was.  I was drawn to you, and in meeting you, it was nice to find that you were a kind and intelligent person. You were easy to trust and I could feel that you are the "Real Deal".  I hope our paths cross again.




You were so right!


You may not remember me, but you gave me a reading at the Minneapolis event and asked if I knew someone elderly who pased by the name of Aggie, Agnes, Agatha or something like that.  At the time, I couldn't think of anyone, however, since then, I remembered I had a great aunt whose name was Agatha and we called Aggie tant (in German means Aunt Agnes)! You were so right!  You also mentioned that she showed you her cooking in the kitchen and on the day she died, she had just cooked a really big meal for all of her sons and was tired so she laid down and in a little while took a deep breath and passed!



"Approachable, gentle, sure..."

Thank you so much for your reading today.  I really needed it.  Your spirit is so lovely and generous.  My friends are kind of skeptics, and I wanted them to have a great time and really get something tangible from the experience of coming to the expo.  I walked around for a long time, weighing my impressions of the other mediums there and decided you would be the best.  You have your presentation down perfectly - approachable, gentle, sure. They loved their readings and the most skeptical (Dan) got the most from it.  I hope you have the best time on your journey and continue to do great work as you are called to do!





My heart smiles...


Thank you again for the enlightment you provided me.  My soul smiles out everytime I think of you!



A true pleasure...


It was a true pleasure attending your lecture/channeling session.  Your gifts are much appreciated.



Loud and clear...
I wanted to let to you are know how much a difference you and your communication to my spirit guides have made in my life. You and I met on Saturday and you gave me a reading where it came through loud and clear that "acceptance" was missing in my life. Of my gosh - you have no idea of the lightbulb you turned on and how much happier I feel in just a short period of time.  I know people say that you are the only one who can make yourself happy, but from the bottom of my heart I turly understand that now.  Thank you for everything!


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